Top Reads

This is just a list of books that I have read and enjoyed. The list will never be greater than 20 long. I will not pre-load the list just to get a complete list. For now I will just list some of the books which I have enjoyed and will enjoy again. The list is dynamic, books will join the list and books will leave. It is just how I feel at any moment. There is no significance in the order of the books. Maybe they should be alphabetical, maybe not, there is a theory that alphabetical listing is unfair to those lower in the alphabet.

  1. Robert Tressell – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists
  2. AP Wavell – Other Men’s Flowers
  3. Jerome K Jerome – Three Men In A Boat
  4. Marcel Pagnol – Jean de Florette
  5. Karl Marx – Wage, Price and Profit
  6. luri.gibson – Need To Know
  7. PG Wodehouse – The Mating Season
  8. Stella Gibbons – Cold Comfort Farm

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