Diana Krall – Wallflower

I like Diana Krall, maybe I ought to say I like the early Diana Krall, lots of bounce and energy. Later albums have failed in the energy stakes and things can sound a little bland. This album was due to be released last year but was postponed along with a tour because Ms Krall had pneumonia, luckily for all she has recovered and the album is now out.

The tracks are all covers of well-known modern songs. Unfortunately Ms Krall doesn’t add anything to them. As I write I am listening to her album All For You which is a great album and it throws this new album into great contrast. The energy which just pours from All For You is absent in Wallflower, what we have is an album which sounds as though the singer is just going through the motions, waiting for it to be over so she can go home. It’s a shame because she has a great singing voice and we know she can deliver beautiful songs. Was this album produced for contractual reasons? It has that sound, the I don’t care enough to put ‘me’ into the songs. A shame.

I may play a track or two from this album on the radio, but I think I am more likely to stick to All For You.


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