Revolution – Russell Brand

Having seen the man give a pretty good performance with Paxman on why people should choose not to vote I thought it would be interesting to hear what else he has to say.

I must say that I don’t find him very funny, no that’s not true, I don’t find him funny at all. His and Jonathan Ross’ prank call to Andrew Sachs was in particularly poor taste, no surprise to me that Ross was involved as the man is a fool, interesting to see Russell Brand was involved in it. So it was with great surprise to hear him argue with some eminent commentators on politics, and even more of a surprise to hear him give a good performance. Dogged, he seemed able to pick up a point and turn it well. I was impressed, a new, different Russell Brand. Then a book to apparently support what he had been saying. He had drawn much derision from the right-wing press that he had to be doing something right to have annoyed them. The book would be worth a look.

It started off OKish an outline as to why the book had been conceived, why people shouldn’t vote, but soon it was waffle and more waffle. The topic drifted from politics, to religion then back to some sort of politics. I have tried to read this book, tried really hard, but I am just a third or so through it and it’s a struggle. He has some good phrases but he is let down terribly but the quality of his arguments. We are all entitled to a viewpoint but that doesn’t make our personal viewpoint worthy of the basis of a theoretical argument, quoting the polemic of activists doesn’t impress me. A solid philosophical basis would be good, but he hasn’t got one, or not one that is apparent.

If he’s advocating revolution where does religion come into it? It’s the antithesis of revolution. And yoga! What has yoga to do with revolution or social change? Nothing! I have had to put the book down for now. I may dip into it now and then to see if anything develops that may be of interest but I fear that the waffle and drivel will continue to spread across the pages.

I am still happy to see or hear him give politicians a hard time on current affairs shows. I now know that the arguments are thin and he makes the most of this by interrupting and sticking to the soundbites. A revolutionary for the social media age. The enlightened cipher of our time maybe.

And he still isn’t funny.


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