What is it about large companies that makes them think they can just do whatever they want?

As a matter of default when I sign up with a company I always opt out of receiving marketing mail via whatever means. I do it because I then don’t have to just delete them from my mail or fill up my re-cycling bin.

I have been an O2 customer for quite a while now. I obviously opted out of all mailshots from them.

But they have just sent me a text:

‘You opted out of our emails and texts, so you’re not getting to hear about all the stuff you get, just for being with O2. Find out what we mean at …..’

Come on O2 – what part of opted out are you struggling to understand. I chose to opt out for a reason, I don’t want to hear what wonders you are offering. Others might what to keep abreast but I don’t.

Now, maybe you have decided you don’t want me as a customer, you are going about it the right way if  that’s  the case. It’d be easier just to come out with it, rather than just bombard me with rubbish so I am forced to leave.



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