At The Earth’s Core – Edgar Rice Burroughs

It took an age to wade through the Hugo dross so it was a complete relief to be able to pick up a book and just read it through almost without pause.

This is an old book, and it shows its age in parts with the attitudes being those prevalent of the day. However I can cope with that, all books are of their time.

The important part is the story. This is a fast paced tale, a bit patchy in parts, and the hero often assumes Flash Gordon attributes in that he is supreme in so many different areas. Sporting prowess, linguistic ability…he has it all, but it all just adds to the tale. No word is wasted as he overcomes all the challenges in his path, and there is a twist at the end too. Not too much of a twist, but it’s there.

This is a fun read. A couple of days and it’s over, but the feeling of having read a good tale is palpable.


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