Wickham Fete

Another fete in Wickham already – it doesn’t seem that long ago since the last but it must be time…it’s June and that’s when the fete is held. I anticipate some more fun on the coconut shy. I am not too worried about anything else but the coconut shy is the key.

It rained the day before the fete, but fete day itself is sunny and warm. Collect Janie from the station, and after a quick cup of tea, on to the fete. Argh…instantly I can see that there is no coconut shy! What! The main reason for coming was to throw things at coconuts.

The chap who usually runs the shy is manning another stall, selling bottles. He was offered the chance to change stall this year so he took it – the scouts are organising the coconuts. They have the corner of the garden over there…and indeed that part of the garden was replete with scouts, but not a coconut in sight. Instead there was an insipid obstacle course, with a cargo net and I am not sure what else. What a disappointment.

The rest of the fete was pretty much the same as usual, but then that’s what we expect of a village fete, continuity. We didn’t stay long.


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