Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes – Baby Caught The Bus

I have been rather neglectful in recent months on the music I hear. So many other things which have to be looked at, and work is a demanding mistress when it is shift work.

However here is an album which just demands to be written about. An absolute peach of a debut album.

The band are Australian, but the style is English. Immediately there are strains of Amy Winehouse, but there is more. They have absorbed Amy and added a quality unique to themselves. Stunning just doesn’t do them justice.

The music is great. Lovely catchy tunes delivered with their own style. It’s very infectious and it is impossible not to move with the rhythm. Even better, the videos show just what passion they put into this music. Wow! What style. A lot of humour and fun in this album, it’s a pleasure to listen to and even better I can play it on the radio!

This is one of the best albums I have heard for many years. Even better they have an image which will last a long time. I am looking forward to playing many more new Clairy Browne albums.

They have completed a tour of the US and are back in Australia, touring. If they ever come to the UK I shall make every effort to be there to see them. These are the early days of a great band…you heard it here first…



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