Nationwide Building Society – Redeemed (for me anyway)

It obviously does pay to be persistent and to complain.

My last call to customer services today was answered by a chap who recognised there was something wrong with my account, listened to my explanation of what appeared to have happened, checked it out and then told me I was right and that the penalty deduction they had made would be refunded.

After the fiasco of last Friday’s complaint to them, I raised a formal complaint on their website, explaining everything that had happened. This afternoon the chap from complaints phoned me. He accepted that I had been given a mass of confusing information and offered me £50. I accepted it. He’s also going to ensure I get the refund of the deduction, if I don’t get it then he’ll refund it. Interestingly he’d spoken to the account team this morning and they had told him it was an early redemption repayment. But he’s going to refund that even if they don’t.

So the Nationwide have come good in the end. But what a palaver to get everything resolved. Just as well I recognised it and wasn’t prepared to let things go when they told me I was wrong.


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