The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain

Strictly speaking it should say in the title ‘Tom Sawyer’s Companion’ but that would make for too long a heading.

Interesting is the best I can say. This is a book for children and the plot level is pretty much aimed at them. The characters do things which an adult wouldn’t, they also display a level of ingenuity which is only acceptable in a novel for children.

I assume the attitudes of the characters is a good reflection of the times, the treatment of black people is dreadful. The ‘n’ word is used freely throughout. It describes a shameful time in World history. A time when people were sold as slaves purely because of their skin colour. It wasn’t the only injustice of the time, but it’s the one which is the most wrong and least justifiable.

The plot was OK at first as Huck and Jim floated down the Mississippi, a few adventures, it dipped a great deal when Tom Sawyer made his appearance at the end, and the ending is limp, though happy.

I was unhappy about the ‘n’ word throughout but that’s the way it was written, so that’s what should be read. It just makes the attitudes of the time more vivid. The world is not perfect but at least slavery has been abolished in some countries. Time to work on the remaining slavery and the other problems in today’s world. A big challenge.


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