Argos and the 30 Day Money Back option

Argos do have a 30 Day Money Back option on purchases. They make a big deal of it. And it is a good deal too.

However what I didn’t realise was that the goods have to be returned unused so they can put them back on the shelf for resale. Ah, my Pure Internet Radio has been used. Damn!

Argos were very good. They explained that the Sale of Goods Act means they can’t just sell goods that have been opened and used. Oh no – looks like I shall be left with an £85 radio I don’t want. The manager is an angel though, this once they will give me the refund but if I need to return anything in the future that has been used, they won’t exchange it unless there is a fault. Well that sounds good to me, in future I shall view larger items in a shop before deciding to buy.

Thank you Argos, you didn’t have to refund me, but you did. I am impressed with the commitment to customer satisfaction. I shall buy from Argos again, but will be more careful to be sure it’s what I want first. No more impulse buys.


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