Pigs Have Wings – PG Wodehouse

Back at Blandings Castle…everyone is here as the Empress of Blandings comes under threat from Sir Gregory Parsloe yet again. This is one of the lesser Blanding novels. It’s well written but there are areas of the plot which are not quite as tight as we would expect from a Wodehouse story.

That’s not to say it’s not a good book. It is. If this book had been written by Jane Austen everyone would rave about it saying what a pleasant change it was for Miss Austen to be writing a decent plot for a change with interesting characters. They would say it’s the best thing that Miss Austen has written. Of course she it was very unlikely to write anything quite as good as this. But it was written by PG Wodehouse, we know what PG Wodehouse can do with the pen, and he has written better than Pigs Can Fly, good though it is, it’s not the top notch.

We, who like PG Wodehouse, are very difficult to please. Once you have tasted ambrosia…


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