Monstrous Regiment – Terry Pratchett

Most of the time Terry Pratchett hits the mark, sometimes he misses completely, this one is just off target. It started slowly and was a real drag for the first half of the book. The plot was thin (peasant girls joining the army dressed as boys) and I didn’t care about the characters. Sam Vimes makes sporadic appearances, quite why it needed a character of his presence in this plot I still don’t know. It was all very predictive which was a shame as it had been recommended as one of Pratchett’s finest. Things improved for the second half, not greatly, but just enough to encourage me to finish the book. The ending was lame and apparent from the early pages.

This book isn’t typical of the Discworld series as it’s missing the charm and character of the place, it feels a laboured effort, lacking a light touch. Some of his books I can read over again, this isn’t one of those, it won’t be staying long on my shelves.


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