Jeeves In The Offing – PG Wodehouse

This is the first Wodehouse I ever bought. I was 9 or 10 and I bought it at a jumble sale. It was the cover picture that attracted me. I read it and that started a life-long addiction to Wodehouse.

This is a Bertie Wooster/Jeeves tale. Jeeves appears at the start and end, the middle is reserved for Bertie to get himself deeper in the mire. It was first published in 1960, and shows the mastery that Wodehouse had by this time. Everything just flows so simply. The plot twists but Wodehouse is always in control. All the favourite characters, B & J, Bobbie Wickham, Sir Roderick Glossop, Aunt Dahlia plus a handful of players ready to take their parts. Imposters, misunderstandings, they are all there…and finally everything straightens itself, and everyone is happy.

The charm of Wodehouse is the use of English. Such delicate use of words, you would believe they dance. A master on a par with Shakespeare…


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