Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell

I was given this for Christmas. Probably not one I would have picked from the pile myself. It was nominated for the Booker Prize in 2004. No idea what won that year.

This is a series of 6 tales starting in the mid-19th century, running through to a post-apocalypse world, and then back again. There are a couple of threads which link one tale to the next, the thinnest of threads but enough in themselves to tie one to the book and to want to know the outcome. The tenuous thread is a common birthmark held by someone, but not always the main character in each tale…no more than a link. The main thread is the barbarism of humanity, the perpetual drive for power and dominion over others, be they slaves (free and enslaved), machines or even just the world. An interesting read, and it predicts a bleak future for mankind – but then we all know the direction our so-called leaders are taking us…


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