George Thomas, Mr Speaker – The memoirs of Viscount Tonypandy

I don’t like to give up on a book. Even The Rolling Stones Keith Richards engaged for a few pages, thereafter it was a struggle until I conceded defeat just after halfway. You can only take shit for so long.

George Thomas failed to engage at all. I think I hated him on page 1 and things got worse with everything he did and said. How this man could have been a Labour MP for so many years just typifies the problems Labour has or had in the past. Such a sycophant, my word. Talk about a class traitor. Kowtowing to royalty, happy to drop the names of his betters, constant crawling… Argh!

I stopped around page 5 as to continue would just have left me with a desire to start the revolution single-handed to rid our country of such vermin. Beyond doubt this man put the cause of the ordinary people back decades with his subservient attitude. And he was revered! No wonder the ruling classes liked him and were happy to let his celebrity grow.

Fortunately I had only borrowed this book. I gave it back. Had I bought it I would have had to burn it.

George Thomas – Traitor – give him a wide berth


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