New Job

I started a new job on the 15th October. Hurrah! It’s a high status job. Working shifts so even better. I am really looking forward to learning the job (estimated training time is 9 months). This job could see me through to retirement – hurrah!

Day 7. I have to call in sick. Awake all night with shivers and sweats and a very sore back. The doctor thinks the two are unrelated (so do I). The flu-like symptoms of high temperature (she says mine is 38.2C) are probably a virus, maybe flu. Keep an eye of things and come back if anything changes, rest, fluids and paracetamol.

Day 8. Not back at work yet. Awoke after another hot and sticky night to find my left leg has gone red. Temperature is a bit lower. Not sure what to do about the leg. Should I go back to the doctor? It’s a bit of a wussy thing to do. Make an appointment to see the duty doctor. I tell him about the flu-like symptoms and how my leg has gone red. Show me the leg he says. Very interesting (don’t you worry when they say that), it’s a cellulitis, that is interesting he says. This is the cause of the flu-like symptoms. I need rest, fluids and penicillin, 2 kinds. I might be able to go back to work Friday…it’s now Wednesday. Oh and keep the leg raised to allow it to drain.

Leg on Wednesday

Day 10. Not back at work. No real visible improvement. Back to see the duty doctor, the one I saw the first time. She asks if she had missed the redness on my leg – no I say, it wasn’t there when you checked me on Tuesday, it arrived overnight. That’s interesting she said. She takes my temperature, it’s going down. Pulse and blood pressure, OK. I am looking to go back to work on Monday. She shakes her head. Very optimistic. I could go back if the swelling was gone or I could keep my leg raised all day at work. Leg raising at work is frowned upon so I will have to wait for the swelling to go down. Damn.

Sunday. Checking out the swelling. It’s still there. I am not going to be able to go to work Monday and probably not Tuesday or Wednesday either. I have an appointment to see my doctor Tuesday evening so I hope to learn more then. In the meantime I shall have to stay in bed with my leg raised. It’s uncomfortable. I pass the time reading on the Kindle. Getting through books at a bit of a pace

Two legs, spot the swollen one

Both doctors have threatened that if things don’t improve I will have to go to hospital for intravenous antibiotics.

Oh joy

Work status:

Days in job: 10
Days at work: 6
Days sick: 4


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