Car Insurance Renewal – A Win

I am insured with Insure. They are competitive, they have to be, else I’d not be with them. Maybe not the cheapest but close. Last year I ran a renewal quote this year through GoCompare and it appears my insurance has gone down a few pounds. Excellent. All I need is the renewal quote from them and I’m sorted for another year.

Being impatient I do rather expect my quote to arrive a month before renewal…it hadn’t and it’s a couple of weeks till renewal. If I want to go elsewhere it’s starting to get close to the deadline. So I emailed them. No response – and then the postman delivered the renewal quote. Just too quick off the mark again.

The renewal quote though is £28 more than the internet quote. Both have the same cover. A quick phone call to Insure and they tell me that there must be something extra in their renewal quote. It turns out there is. An old claim for a windscreen has turned into an assault (that’s what she said!). Having corrected it, it’s almost the same as the internet…just £5 more. As I am on the phone I query this too, a further change and the quote is down less that the internet quote. Sounds good to me. Thanks, I’ll take it.

I must be one of the few to get insurance cheaper than last year – same insurance company and same details, car etc.


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