The Lost World – Arthur Conan Doyle

We’ve all seen the film. Now back to the book. It is absorbing. Quite well written. The plot moves along nicely. There are sections though where there is an enormous leap in the plot. Almost as though the author got bored with that part or found it too difficult to write. The escape from the Lost World just happens. It would have been nicer to have had some deeper analysis and description.  A couple of points which don’t stand muster these days. A pair of anthropologists who plot and execute the annihilation of a race of prehistoric man…a difficult one for them to justify I’d have thought. Maybe that’s what they did then. Kill it and preserve the body rather than observe and record its behaviour. The treatment of women and native indians leaves a little too my modern standards. But I suppose it was fine by the standards of the age. I am glad to have read it, but I don’t think I shall be reading it again. Maybe watch the film instead.


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