The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy – 2012 Tour

It’s about 10 days since I saw the show. It’s taken a while to sink in…

Back at the turn of the year the Mayflower theatre, in Southampton, sent out a flyer for The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. A tour by the original radio cast, those who are left that is, doing the original radio show on stage. Wow! A pair of tickets £50 plus booking fee. It has to be worth it, when will they ever tour again and it’s the original cast.

It’s a long wait from January to 15 July. I’ve been looking forward to it.

The Mayflower is a nice theatre. The last time I was there it was for the first show of the Monty Python tour way back in 1973, it’s been a while, it’s held up well. The show is a sell-out.

The first half was OK. A few deviations from the script, inevitable omissions due to the time restriction, but a few embellishments added, not for the better. A quick drink in the interval, and the second half. This was a real disappointment, major changes to the timeline in the books, parts shuffled, new things added. It didn’t work.

The overall feeling on leaving the show was one of relief that it was all over. It wasn’t the show of my hopes. It was nice to hear the original voices and see the faces, albeit 34 years on, but the changes to the script did nothing for it. The souvenir programme at £10 was overpriced. I get the impression it was all a money making exercise. Isn’t everything a money making exercise you say, probably but I’d expect The Hitchhikers Guide to be above that. Depressing, isn’t it.



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