A New Shed at last

After all the shenanigans with sheds in the garden centre I decided to get one on-line. There are lots of places selling sheds, a wide range of quality and price.

We have dealt with Tiger Sheds before and having checked them out, they appear to be the best. A good price and an excellent lead time. The garden centre had a T&G shiplap 6×4 at £310 with a 4 week lead. Tiger Sheds have the same on offer at £220 plus £15 for having a door hinged on the left. It’s an 8 working day lead time. It’s no real decision.

The order was placed with Tiger. The progress is recorded on their website. It actually takes 10 working days to get the shed, which is fine because the weather was bad after 8 days, and OK at 10. The sheds are delivered to a 2 hour timeslot. It’s pretty impressive too as the driver had left Leeds at 4am. I was the second delivery and he had 7 more before going back to Leeds. The chap delivering the sheds was alone, he told me to rest up while be carried the shed into the garden (they commit to roadside delivery). He was jolly cheery and gave me some tips on sheds. A very impressive service from these guys.

The shed has been erected on the concrete base the old shed sat on. I managed to drag the old shed onto the lawn. With some help from my father the new shed was built within a few hours. Then it rained. The next day I painted the remainder of the outside, I had already painted the walls which would be inaccessible once erected. Transferring the contents of the old shed complete, it looks very good inside and out.

The old shed posed a problem. Who wants an old shed. The delivery driver had said there’s a very good market for old sheds. I didn’t want money, just the shed gone. Freecycle is the answer. The shed was put on-line on Friday evening, 3 expressions of interest immediately, (8 by morning) one firmed up very quickly and said they’d be round next day at about 3. They were, along with trailer. Dismantled in about 10 minutes it was all gone within 20. Excellent.


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