An Accident at the Garden Centre – Part 3

I went back to work Thursday. Driving is a challenge. I need to concentrate and that tires my eyes. Work on the computer is also a drain on my eyes. Sleep is a problem too. Everything is not yet back to normal. My handwriting is atrocious now. It might call for a visit to the doctor.

On Wednesday I called Hampshire Council to complain that the shed company didn’t have an accident book. Hampshire say it’s not them it’s the Health and Safety Executive who deal with this, they have an office in Basingstoke and she gives me their number. Now I didn’t realise people still used fax machines but I guess they do as I have been given the number of the HSE fax machine in Basingstoke. Madness. A quick check on the HSE website shows that it’s the only number they have, but for my complaint I should go to the local authority, Environmental Health.

I called Fareham Council, and whoever answers the phone agrees it’s Environmental Health I need. They need to know the problem before they will connect you. I guess it saves time in the long term. So through to Environmental Health – I run through my tale of woe. We are now pretty certain I was knocked out as I can remember hitting the roof but don’t remember falling or hitting the ground. I remember trying to get up, I don’t remember landing on my elbow, which was grazed. All the details are taken and they will investigate.

A few minutes later they call. The Garden Centre falls in the Winchester area not Fareham, but she will pass all the details onto Winchester so I don’t have to. Excellent.

I got a call from Winchester, they need my address which wasn’t passed on by Fareham, they hadn’t asked for it. I also told them I will be back at work on Thursday and give my work number.

Home from work on Thursday I found a message on the phone, call Winchester.

Friday, I call Winchester and leave a message. They call back and I relate the tale again. It seems that although the shed company had a duty of care and had to have a first aid kit for their employees they don’t have to provide me with any aid. I guess they are expected to call an ambulance but don’t have to treat me or clean up my wounds. They do need an accident book and the staff should know where it is.

She says they will get a visit next week. Cuts in spending mean that they no longer make proactive visits and are purely reactive. Shame really as it’ll cost more in the long term. She’ll let me know what happens.


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