An Accident at the Garden Centre – Part 2

At home I sit down and try to rest – am still in a state of shock. I put the water plant in the pond in the garden. Time for more coffee. Alice, my daughter, sees the cuts and is pretty concerned. I am OK though. We take a couple of photos just to show the extent of the damage.

The plan was to go to Sarah’s (my other daughter) flat in the afternoon to see it – she moved in on Friday. I am not really in a state to drive so that is cancelled. New plan is to rest. Empty house as Alice has to go out.  I tried to sleep but couldn’t. Downstairs again, pacing about, head is getting woollier. I phoned E to say I am off to A&E, she did offer to drive but I thought I’d be OK. In the car out of the village I remember I have left my wallet behind, so I returned home to collect it. On the way I realise I am having to think very hard just to drive, this was not a good thing. Once home I call E and she offered to come over and take me to A&E.

Thinking got harder, but feel more comfortable when on the way to the hospital.

A&E was busy. Quite why on a Sunday afternoon I don’t know. The process at A&E is to take a number from the machine, sit down until called, then get your arrival registered, then sit down again and wait for the triage nurse, be triaged, sit down and wait until called for the doctor. The estimated wait on Sunday was 3 hours 30 minutes. It’s a good start when the ticket machine doesn’t work, a hand written note says collect a number from the registration people – not get registered, just collect a number from them, same people! Registration didn’t take too long, 5 minutes maybe, now back to the seat. The overhead information TV says the estimated wait is 1 hour 30 minutes, it isn’t. I think someone must have complained because a nurse came out and looked at it, then called to the office to ask if anyone knew how to change it, it was changed to 3 hours 30!

There was plenty of time to look around. Not a great deal happening. There’s a TV showing the athletics from Helsinki. Shame the picture is buffering and the subtitles are stuck, still reflecting on a programme from earlier. Great! The drinks machine is out of order. The toilets are out of order, well the mens’ and womens’ are. The disabled is still working, but the sink doesn’t work! The NHS at its best.

Eventually I was called for triage. Lots of questions, including was I unconscious. How would I know? Silly question. More waiting.

After a very long wait, during which E went to get a coffee from the restaurant, returned with my father who had been visiting my mother and was on his way home, then disappeared again on the drinks mission. It was a long wait. We were told that the wait at Gosport was just 30 minutes if we wanted to go there instead. But the hospital in Gosport is small, would they have the facilities if needed. Just a couple of people decide to go there.

Then the doctor calls. More questions, and eye check…of course I can read all the letters on the sight chart, the bottom row are OK so I start with them. A few more questions. Then the diagnosis. Concussion! I am not allowed to drive for at least 2 days, no TV or computer work. Rest. A whole lot of rules and things to look out for. At least I know now…but it means time off work.


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