Wickham Fete

It’s the church fete at Wickham again. The weather all week has been dire, but the drying wind yesterday and a dry forecast for today was promising. I’ve been going to the fete for 5 years or so now and they’ve never yet had to re-locate to the Community Centre due to bad weather. Long may that continue.

Just a short visit to the fete today, other things are pressing. Gates open at 1230 and we are there shortly after. A quick tour and all the main components are there, stalls for bric-a-brac, CDs and books, cakes, Pimms and strawberries and cream. It’s all there. Tickets for the barrow of bottles. It’d be nice to win, the bottles are no good to me but the wheelbarrow would come in handy. And of course there is a coconut shy.

6 balls for £1. It’s a good price and hasn’t changed for years. I have an early go. Just one coconut knocked off, I decide to take the alternative prize of a can of coke. Another circuit of the site, buy some raffle tickets, then another go on the shy. Just one coconut knocked off again, this time I take the coconut. What’s the point of winning on the shy but not being able to display the badge of marksmanship – the coconut. It’s shell has been broken but it’s not leaking. All coconuts I hit get broken, but usually the inside gets broken too which makes it a sticky carry.

Time for a cup of tea and slice of cake. Very busy here and lucky to find a table.

Another trip round, check out the plants. More draw tickets, this time for a large shrub in a earthenware pot. A final go on the shy. An early success, then ball 4 knocks off a coconut and ricochets into another, two coconuts with one throw! Wow! They only put up 4 coconuts at a go so I am down to just one to aim at for my last two throws. Both miss. But 3 coconuts removed with 6 balls. That’s a better return. Five coconuts from 18 shots. I am happy with that.

Time to go home, no time for the auction, or the morris men. Next time. Call in at the hardware store to get  nuts for the bird feeder, then home. Shortly afterwards the heavens opened and we had a very heavy shower. Good timing for me, not so good for the fete. But it didn’t last long so hopefully everyone stayed and the ground didn’t get too muddy.

I shall be back next year


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