The Mission Song – John Le Carre

Another gift. I have read a few of Le Carre, but nothing as recent as this one, published in 2006. It is a page turner. It centres on a top African interpreter, the narrator, and his role in an attempted coup in Congo. I was with him most of the way through, willing him on. Then he seemed to lose the plot, not the author, the narrator. He suddenly develops an affinity for some of the other characters that  doesn’t seem to be justified based on what has gone before. It is a bit of a jerk in the flow of the story. Suddenly he is doing things which don’t make sense, only someone very naive would do these things. It meant that the last section of the story was a bit unbelievable. So from a very promising start it tailed off and towards the end I could only marvel at the stupidity of the narrator….what did he expect to happen under the circumstances? I was with him at the start but he didn’t manage to keep me with him and he was lucky to have escaped so lightly.


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