Washing Machine Blues II

Up early to try to get the water out of this blasted machine. The book says to use the outlet pipe, but if it’s a integral appliance then the filter at the front can be used, though this can be messy. The filter option it is. Loads of water, about half an inch short of a bowlful. The filter is blocked…plenty of lint from the new towels I bought last weekend. I wonder if that will fix it… worth a try.

Hurrah! Cleaning out the filter has saved a trip to Currys today. I have completed the washing, it was one of those lintful towels! A check on the filter afterwards to remove yet more lint.

That was a relief. I know I have to change the machine but I was looking to do it a bit later in the year. Too many other expenses at the minute. I need a couple of months free of extra expenses before I go for a new machine. I need a new shed, washing machine, car insurance is just around the corner, RAC renewal next month…


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