Spin – Martin Sixsmith

Another political novel. This one far more recent, published in 2004 and set in the ‘fictional’ Labour government of the early 21st century. The central theme through the book is the manipulation of the news by politicians for their own ends regardless of the consequences to innocent people and others around them. It’s a very light read…they set up a Department of Society with unlimited powers to obtain ‘information’ about people so they can be pressured into making the right decisions. Very alarmist. The central character is a child molester…but I don’t really care for anyone in this book. The storyline is a bit far-fetched…the nemesis of the child molester is not believable. The end just happens and I still don’t understand the last few pages. Fortunately it’s quiet fast paced so I haven’t wasted too much time reading it. It all started so promisingly…


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