Washing Machine Blues

Oh my…get in Saturday evening to find the washing machine hasn’t finished its cycle. Odd, should have done. No, it has finished I just can’t open the door. Why? Because the blasted thing is half-full of water still!

The washing machine was here when I bought the house, it’s part of the built-in white good in the kitchen. It’s never been a brilliant machine, the condenser drier part gave up many months ago, in fact I had to disable that function as it was causing the machine to trip internally. So I was always going to need a new machine, it’s just a question of when.

By carefully choosing a program I managed to get the water level down below the door and was able to open it. The sopping washing removed it just left a of of water to deal with. I have now checked out the internet and I like the look of a Panasonic… looks like Currys in the morning.


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