My RAC membership is due this month. The renewal is £185. This is a huge sum.

I have checked the AA and they will give me the same cover for £99, but as I would be a new customer I can join via the TopCashBack site and get a £30 refund…making the total cost just £69, a saving of £116.

So I have just called the RAC to cancel my membership. Haha, they point out that the AA is actually £134 for like-for-like cover, but I would get £50 cashback then. Making it £84, saving £101.

The RAC chap says he will see what he can do…he can get it down to £108 which is a pretty good reduction. He is trying hard to sell this…still £28 more that the overall cost of the AA. He’s not able to cut the cash cost any more, but he is able to offer me £20 of M&S vouchers, that makes the total cost £88, just £4 more than the AA.

I have been with the RAC since 1992 and they have been a great service, prompt and always very polite. I was once with the AA and they sent out a chap from a local garage, the man didn’t stop effing and blinding the whole time he fixed my car. I am not averse to the odd curse, but this chap even astounded me. I thought then that the AA were not quite all they claim. So all things together I think it’s a good deal to stay with the RAC, a far better service that the AA at a cost of just £4 more, it has to be a bargain.


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