Dangerous driving…

It’s a Friday morning and I am on the M27 driving to work. The traffic is light and I am able to comfortably do 70 in the inside lane. The middle lane is also doing 70 so we are maintaining our relative position…the main difference being that I had clear road in front of me.

I was westbound leaving at J5. The road rises here and the traffic in the middle lane slowed slightly allowing me to catch it. As I went down the exit filter so there was a dreadful noise of metal scraping on road. Panic…my car was sick, what had happened. Turning the radio down I realised it wasn’t coming from my car but the one in the middle lane. I looked across expecting to see the exhaust trailing… exhaust was intact, but it did have a completely flat rear nearside tyre. Very flat. The driver carried on oblivious…the next exit was at least a few miles away either on the M27 or the M3…I just hope they made it.


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