A Sick Car

Don’t you just hate cars. Just when you are thinking things are going fairly smoothly so the car develops hiccoughs. Ok so I had to buy a couple of new tyres last month but this month I thought would be clear. Not so. A misfire on the way home last week turned into a failed ignition coil. I had a spare in the boot from the last time. My car likes the manufacturer’s original coils not OEMs. So the last time I had the one the RAC sold and fitted swapped for an original.

So when the RAC chap came this time he was able to fit the spare, however the engine warning light refuses to go out, which is a  typical reaction to a non-manufacturer coil. The RAC man recommends replacing all the coils and getting new plugs and an emissions test, just in case the second coil failure is a warning of something else. The last coil failed well over a year ago…but if that’s what they recommend who am I to argue. It’s booked into the garage for next weekend. Oh boy – no idea as to the cost yet – coils are between £30 and £60 each, plus plugs and labour…it’s going to be a big bill.


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