NatWest – lost debit card process

The NatWest are currently running a series of adverts showing the service they provide should you lose your debit card. All you have to do is phone them up, pass security and then they will give you a number which will allow you to draw cash from an ATM. I did wonder about this when I saw it for the first time, did I need to register for this or what? I don’t have telephone banking so how would they verify my identity as they have so little information about me. If I lost the card then I’d struggle to remember the card number…and I never remember account numbers, I’d expect some secret question to be in place.

Well I can now share some experiences of the process. My daughter got a text message from the NatWest on Monday to say that the new card she had ordered was on its way. She phoned them to say she hadn’t ordered a new card and then it all came out. Someone had called the NatWest claiming to be my daughter and to have lost her debit card. Following the security check a number was issued and £60 was taken from her account. NatWest have refunded the debit now but they are unwilling to take matters further and report it to the police, nor are they willing to tell where the debit was made, they must know the machine which was used. NatWest Security seem reluctant to help, in fact they are almost obstructive. Once things have been settled my daughter will close her account, she is not happy with the level of security provided by NatWest.

I shall be in the branch later in the week and I shall be telling them that I want this ‘feature’ disabled from my account. I didn’t think it was very secure when I first heard about it, but to have been opted-in automatically without proper security controls is outrageous.


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