Redundancy Part 3

Today was my last working day at IBM. I have been paid up to the 5th but they aren’t expecting me to go in this weekend. My P45 arrived yesterday so they obviously weren’t expecting to pay more overtime.

Not the easiest of days to survive. Far more emotional than I expected. Lots of people I didn’t shake hands with or say farewell to…I don’t think I’d have survived, all I wanted was to get away.

The enormity of the thing is starting to hit home. I have been sending my CV out for a while but with little reaction. Maybe they want younger people. Early days I know but the early signs are not encouraging. Stay positive is the catchphrase. I am looking for work in testing or payroll. I have been a tester for many years, and payroll is such a fun area to work…all maths and processes, brilliant. To find something that combines the two would be heaven.

Other than that I wouldn’t mind doing radio work or even voice-overs, but I think those depend very much on who you know, I don’t know anyone in either area. Oh well. It’ll have to be traditional type work.

Interestingly a lot of people said we’ll see you next week back here as a contractor. It doesn’t work like that any more. If indeed it ever did. The latest rule is that if you take redundancy then you cannot return (unless in a managed service) until the time that the redundancy payments cover has elapsed. So I guess that will be around a year. Further, there is a restriction on how long you can work for the company as what they call a consultant. A consultant is far as I can see is a self-employed contractor. They are restricted to one year’s work. A contractor working through a company like Manpower, or maybe even an umbrella company, where you pay PAYE would appear to be allowed an unlimited time on return. Of course Manpower pay far less than the traditional contractor gets. It’s the future…and you heard it here first.


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