The Mad Cyclist

Driving home after my radio show this evening, going westbound on the M27, just after junction 11 there is a cyclist riding along the hard shoulder. Totally mad or what? The traffic is going past at over 70 and this fool is pedalling along. Racing helmet and lycra, it won’t save him if he gets hit. He was navigating his way over the slip road on to the motorway from junction 11 as I went past. Should I inform the authorities?

I leave at junction 10 as I always do and I decide to call the police. Under the motorway bridge I stop and call 101 which is the local number for the police. I get options! Press 3 if reporting a crime…OMG I don’t believe this. I wait for the last option which says wait for an operator…the phone rings on and on. Eventually it says I am in a queue and will be served as soon as possible. No indication as to the length of the queue. I am bored with this now, I want to go home. Oh well cyclist I hope you managed to get to your destination before you could get smeared across the carriageway.


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