Perfect Pizza

Oh my goodness. I guess we should have learned from our previous experience with this company. Last time they couldn’t find the house and had to call to find out where we are. No real problem that time, the food was still hot.

This time, though the food has arrived cold and the ice cream has melted. It arrived 90 minutes after the order was placed. Several phone calls were made to check on progress. The driver was on his way, was new, all sorts of excuses. Now we have been offered a refund and fresh food which is by all accounts being delivered by the manager. I will believe it when I see it. At the moment we are faced with cold pizza which will need to be microwaved unless the manager arrives pretty soon with the replacement hot food. I am not going to hold my breath.

The service from this company has been appalling. Late delivery, they don’t phone back when they say they will, and I am afraid I don’t believe the manager will be arriving with new food.

We will certainly not be using this company again. A strongly worded letter of complaint has been sent to Head Office.

A phone call from the manager – large pizzas are now being cooked and will be with us in about 15 minutes, plus new ice cream. Refunds are not possible as that is done by Head Office. I think there will be strong words exchanged with Head Office on Tuesday when they are open again. If they manage to deliver on time then it will be 2 hours after the initial order, and 6 phone calls, plus more hassle on Tuesday.



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