Sea Change – Robert Goddard

Odd that I have never read anything by Robert Goddard before. Even odder considering he went to the same school as me, albeit a few years before me. Actually why that should be odd now baffles me. I don’t keep in touch with my old school so no reason for me to know anything about Robert Goddard.

This book is based in the 1700s at the time of the South Sea Bubble and follows a character who becomes quickly embroiled in the fallout from the Bubble. It was easy to associate with the main character throughout all his troubles. I had far less sympathy for the main female character and I didn’t really understand the infatuation with her, a nasty woman. The story is well paced, with plenty of turns to maintain interest. The end is a bit contrived. Too many lucky breaks for my liking. The change of heart of the heroine, the happy ending for all, it doesn’t really do it for me, I’d have preferred a more realistic ending. But overall a good light read, and as I read it I couldn’t help but draw parallels with our on recent banking crisis. Politicians and bankers obviously never change. 8/10


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