Mister Pip – Lloyd Jones

I was given this book for my birthday. I am not sure I would have read it otherwise. No, I am certain I would not have picked it up. It looks pretty uninsipring from the cover, never just a book etc… It is set on Bougainville Island during the revolt there. It starts very slowly and languidly. It draws you in slowly, the characters are developed and you get to know them. Then just as you feel you know everything and things are going to be OK… It took me by surprise. I like to think I can generally sense when there is going to be a change in direction but this time I just didn’t see it coming. Things move a bit faster after that and I feel a little is lost. The writing isn’t quite so tight. But that said it is a joy to read. It was nominated for the Man Booker in 2007 and I can see why. Well worth a read as a surprise birthday present.


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