It’s Started

I must own up to not liking the concept of The Big Society. I don’t like David Cameron or his government either, but The Big Society seems to typify everything that is wrong with them and their thinking. It’s a means to justify the removal of hardworking people from their jobs to be replaced by free volunteers. Cut the costs regardless of the cost, is the message. Heartless and cruel. I would not be surprised if the poorhouse was introduced in our lifetime. The wealthy will be encouraged to do ‘good deeds’, the concept was reintroduced with the Good Causes of the National Lottery. We will be back in Victorian times in no time at all. I am against this, but that is for elsewhere in this blog.

On Saturday I was up at the QA Hospital to do a radio show, Pompey were playing at home so I was in to do the studio link job between commentators and patients. Without fail ever since I have been doing hospital radio there has been a receptionist on the desk to provide help for patients and visitors, every day of the week and at weekends. Not last Saturday. There was a volunteer wearing a How May I Help You badge. No receptionist, just a volunteer. He was in front of the desk so I guess not all the reception roles were being fulfilled, but I saw it as the start. The receptionist was back at the end of my show and was there on Sunday, so maybe it was just holiday or sickness. But the question is should permanent jobs be covered by volunteers? I think not. This is the thin end of the wedge.


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