Odd sights

Interesting things are walks, you can see all sorts of things going on.

On Sunday while on my short circular walk (just under 3 miles, out of the village and back) I saw a pair of jays. I do see the odd jay in the garden when I throw bread out, but this is the first time I have seen a pair.

Yesterday, while on the same short route, I was trying to spot a woodpecker which I could hear in the trees, when I came across a chap having a crap. I wouldn’t have noticed at all as he was deep in the undergrowth but my noisy walk must have disturbed him and so he was rushing to pull his trousers up, and it was the movement that announced his presence. He didn’t look my way and I wasn’t looking his way any longer. I just walked on past. What is the etiquette in these circumstances? A jolly, ‘Nice weather for it!’ or some other inanity or what. Poor chap must have been desperate as he could have driven his van into Wickham in 5 minutes and taken all the time in the world without interruption from walkers. Though I do hope he cleared up after him, it’s bad enough with the ignorant dog walkers leaving their mess everywhere.


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