Where to start?

Starting is the hard part. There are things I want to write about but the difficulty is just sitting down and writing about it. Maybe it’s something that will just develop with time. I hope so.

Areas I want to write about (maybe listing them will encourage me to write before the trail gets too cold):

  • Customer service with TalkTalk
  • The modern appraisal process at work
  • The Big Society
  • The proposed Fareham ghetto

Oh no! It’s starting to look like a whole list of complaints. I am sure there are things which are good to write about too, it’s just that nothing springs to mind right this minute. I could mention the goldfinches feeding in the garden, the book I am reading. There are loads of things which aren’t a moan. I guess the blog will end up as a mix of glad tidings and groans. Only time will tell.


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